Getting Un-Scrooged – Creating New Traditions for Your Holiday’s!

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Getting Un-Scrooged – Creating New Traditions for Your Holiday’s!

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Join Kerry Porter and Angela Shanerman as they provide; practical, yet exciting, HO- HO -HOpe-inspired ways of celebrating the Holiday’s with family and friends. No need to dread the Holiday’s during or after Divorce; the holidays can be a lonely time, traditions just aren’t the same, sharing times with children and grandchildren, or not getting to seeing them at all can be emotional. Planning and preparation will help to make the most of your Holiday’s; join us as we talk through strategies and tools, and answer your questions to make the most and the best of your Holiday Season!

  • Why it’s important to plan ahead for the Holiday Season

  • Managing your “alone time”

  • Dealing with emotions

  • What about Cards and Party Invitations.

  • To give-or-not to give presents

  • Co-parenting and shared visitation

  • Respecting religious traditions

  • Incorporating new traditions and keep some old ones

  • Surviving, Thriving and enjoying your Holidays!

Kerry is a Certified Divorce Coach and the founder of Divorce Response Team; where our primary goal is for you in being informed, organized and productive when working with legal counsel. We also come along those who are contemplating, in the midst of, or Post Divorce, assisting with property settlement, co-parenting plans and other Divorce related issues. Kerry has worked with Divorcing and Blended families for over 20 years and was a Leader of the faith-based support Groups; “DivorceCare” for Adults and “Kids in the Middle”, ages Kids 4-14. Kerry, now a Mom of a Blended family with 4 adult children and a granddaughter, also assists couples remarrying, and blended families.

Angela is a Certified Divorce Coach and has the passion to empower and support people contemplating Divorce, or in/post-divorce as a Certified Divorce Coach. She has volunteered in many community organizations such as the Suffolk County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, American Cancer Society Relay for Life, and her local PTA's within her school district and served on various committees and executive board. She is now chairing a committee on family justice with the Mid Suffolk Chapter of N.O.W. Angela is single mom with three amazing children.

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