Another Day

Every New Year brings to me two things a glimmer of hope and then a stabbing knife of regret. Hope- that it’s a brand new year, and with it all the things I am going to accomplish and work to make this happen and that happen. Then, hit with the Regret- of all the things that didn't

happen in the whole year before; another year gone by, and, well…not much different...It can be pretty devastating to your self-esteem as you try to measure yourself up. But in fact, as they say, “it's not the destination, but the journey.”

So, after a little doom-and-gloom attitude, I release those thoughts and then I am able to reframe my perspective, to my best self-scenario and how much I have learned along the way. The opportunities for growth and all the steps forward I took, versus my own perception of looking at what I didn't do.

I try to acknowledge myself for what I really did do, and be grateful I have another day at it. Some people don't get another day...So having a gratitude in my heart that I was given another day in this life means a lot for me and for my family...Now that it is February I am thinking, as the joke goes, that January was my "free trial month" on all my resolutions and to just be my best self every day moving forward, a better version each and every day!

Angela is a Certified Divorce Coach with

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