Hope Anchors the Soul

HOPE provides strength for a new day. HOPE provides for a future. HOPE and being hopeful is important to adapt to your daily mindset when Divorce is a part of your life. I've watch so many people grow and transform during and after Divorce; some take longer than others, but all HOPE.

At one point during my first marriage, I felt hopeless, I was stuck. I had a huge financial burden that I was carrying, I worked for my then husband at his restaurant, and it was never ours. I was expected to be there 6 days a week, during the busy times; I worked close to 80 hours a week, never receiving a paycheck. My tips when I did a few waitress shifts made it easy to put some of the money aside for special things for my kids; but never enough to leave. I was held financially captive. I did feel hopeless, with that, I lost any and all drive, determination and motivation to make changes or to think that it was even possible.

I accepted my life, the one I didn't want to live, I didn't have goals and made excuses for the way things were, it was a difficult place to be. I ignored the real world and concentrated on the few things I could control, hoping that things WOULD change was not a reality, but, there were times when I did HOPE. I knew I wanted more for my kids, I knew I wanted them to experience the childhood I had, and I knew I wanted them to know a different life. HOPE is what carried me through the dark times, the tough times and what carried me into the incredible life that I have now.

I firmly believe that "HOPE Anchors the Soul." Hebrews 6:19. Just as an anchor provides safety, security and moors a vessel to the bottom of the sea in a storm, HOPE provides that same safety and security mooring your Soul to the foundation of who you are and who you will become. Never lose HOPE!

Kerry Porter is a Certified Divorce Coach and the Founder of www.divorceresponseteam.com

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