What Did you Say?

With every Divorce, there is a point where emotions will take over, and they could make a rational person, seem completely irrational. You may even have been in a situation where your mouth is running, but, you can’t even hear what you are saying because you are so upset. My advice to you, think before you speak!

Oh, I know it’s hard! BUT - It’s really hard to take something that was said in anger and frustration and erase it from someone’s mind. You can be forgiven for something you say; however, it may not be forgotten. Sometimes innocent bystanders, many times children, bear the brunt of a parents anger and frustration, even if they child isn’t the target.

Comments said in anger, many times find their way into court documents and can be taken out of context in almost every situation. Comments can even come across a lot harsher when written into court documents, and refuting them often won’t help what’s already been presented to a judge.

Don't think this goes for in person conversations, be careful on phone calls, your Ex could be recording you, yes, I know it may be illegal in some states, but it's not illegal for your spouse to share the recording with family members, friends or even our children.

Count to 10, recite some silly phrase over and over, or breathe, just don’t open your mouth and say what you might just regret.

Kerry is a Certified Divorce Coach and the Founder of www.divorceresponseteam.com

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