Through the power of technology CDC Certified Divorce Coaches at Divorce Response Team are able to provide support to anyone, anywhere and at any time, providing the privacy and discretion that you may need.  We know that time is valuable, and schedules are tight, Virtual Divorce Coaching allows you to pick the best time at the place that you choose; home, office or on the go.  

Our services are for those contemplating Divorce, in the midst of Divorce or those recovering from Divorce.  Just a few areas of expertise:

          Pre-legal advice - preparation, organization and cost saving strategies on legal fees

          Conflict and Communication Strategies

          Co-parenting plan creation and assessment, visitation plans and negotiation

          Negotiation of Assets

          Blended Families

Divorce Response Team is on board to partner with you; we offer email and texting support with several of our coaching packages.  Texting and email support enables you to reach out to your coach on any day and at any time, with no need to wait for your next scheduled meeting.   

Divorce Coaching

We know, each story of Divorce is unique with it's own set of circumstances, our Certified Divorce Coaches, will meet you where you are in the Divorce process. Whether you are contemplating Divorce, in the midst of divorce or already divorced with on going issues.  We will walk you through the pending problems bringing clear direction and assist you in formulating a plan  for next steps.  


Do you need text and email support, between sessions, we offer that too!    

Beyond Divorce Coaching

Co-parenting isn't always easy, but it's best for the children when there is a healthy united business relationship between the once married couple.


It's not uncommon for a Divorce to be granted and there are several open or new issues. Your ex-spouse may choose to remarry and bring a new dynamic to the family.  

Our Certified Coaches are an excellent resource in working through these issues with one or both parents.   

Career Reboot Coaching

Quite often when Divorce is imminent or in the process there is a need to reboot the career that you may have taken time away from, or take that next step in your current occupation to boost your salary.  

Our career experts are here to get you to that next step towards a new professional future. Assisting with resume building, job search and direction.   Practice your interviewing, and perfect your question and answering and get that dream job.  

It's Easy to Book a Session

Booking a session is easy, an individual session or a package includes a FREE 30 minute "Discovery Session".   This allows us to be productive during the first session. After our Discovery Session we will provide you with a "Discovery Worksheet" which includes a few follow-up questions for you to return prior to our first meeting.  We value your time and want you to get the most out of the time that we work with you!  
Click any of the "Book Now" buttons, and choose the number of sessions that are right for you.    If you have any questions please email us at: