Meet The Team


The Divorce Response Team members are ready to serve you. We are skilled Certified Professionals with the knowledge and passion to assist you down the rocky road of Separation, Divorce and co-Parenting.  We've all been there and all agree that having had a Certified Divorce Coach at our side to organize and work through the process would have not only been helpful, but could have cut back on our legal fees.  


Founder & Certified Divorce Coach


Committed to bringing stability, control, and clarity to all phases of divorce; whether you are thinking about divorce, in the midst of a separation or divorce, divorced with ongoing issues, or blending a family.   Working with Kerry will allow you to be prepared, informed, and confident in utilizing your attorney/mediator more efficiently and effectively.   She is the mother of a blended family with 4 adult children and a granddaughter; Kerry remembers the struggles of single parenting and how she built a successful life with her young boys after a difficult divorce.  Kerry has worked for over 15 years helping others; navigate the system, lower legal costs and make the best choices for a successful future.  


Certified Divorce Coach


Angela is a Certified Divorce Coach whose expertise is in domestic violence, the dynamic of the abusive relationship and emotional abuse recovery and how it relates to the divorce process. Her passion is to empower and support those dealing with, contemplating, or moving on after Divorce.  She holds a BA from Queens College with experience as the former Program Director and Education Coordinator for the  New York University Medical Center, Cytotechnology Program   Angela has completed workshops and course work in the areas of personal development, coaching, relationships, divorce, and mediation; she’s presented wellness programs to many small and large businesses and has volunteered with community organizations; Suffolk County Coalition Against Domestic Violence, American Cancer Society and her local PTA executive board. She is currently chairing a committee on family justice with the Mid Suffolk Chapter of N.O.W. Angela is single mom with three amazing children.


Certified Divorce Coach


Martha is a Certified Divorce Coach who specializes in helping clients just like you regain your confidence and find your voice during and after divorce. As a US Army veteran who was severely injured in the line of duty as well as a survivor of divorce, I am no stranger to starting over in life when the comfort, security, and future you had planned suddenly disappears.

With a professional background in crisis management and education, Martha will expertly show you how to organize and plan, keep you accountable to your goals, and help you take back the amazing life you deserve. Looking forward to working together! 


Certified Divorce Coach


Chel, CPCC, is a Professional Life Coach, certified through the
Coach Training Institute; she is also a Health and Wellness Coach.  Her coaching specialty is assisting both men and women through the divorce and post – divorce process, while maintaining a sense of wellness.  She supports clients in putting their lives back together, and helps them to restore healthy and happy lives, working toward uncovering, recovering, and embracing their new inner selves, while maintaining a sense of balance in their new lives. 


Chel is a graduate of Florida State University, and is a professional speaker on topics of communication, self-care, and finding your inner voice.  Chel is also an Indoor Cycling Instructor.  She is a mother of two college boys and Vistula dog. She is active in volunteerism and passionately practicing yoga. Chel also enjoys living and spending time on the waters of Florida: boating, paddle boarding, and kayaking.


Certified Divorce Coach and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Michelle is a Certified Divorce Coach and Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She specializes in helping women who have experienced emotional abuse, infidelity, high conflict divorce and narcissistic partners.  Michelle ‘s goal is to walk with you wherever you are in the divorce process, whether it is contemplating divorce, in the midst of divorce or moving on and starting your new life.  With every stage of divorce, there are incredibly difficult emotions that can be overwhelming at times.  

Working with Michelle, will empower you to work through these feelings, make confident decisions, assist you in working effectively with your attorney and help you navigate your new life.  Her expertise enables her to support you through the difficulties of the divorce process, both organizationally and emotionally.   Michelle is a single mother of three children, and knows first- hand how difficult the divorce process can be, her experience will enable you to come out of this process with a happy and healthy outlook for your future.


Operations and Career Coach


Tom manages the business operations and is our Career Reboot Coach. He attended Syracuse University for his undergraduate work in Engineering and Psychology and holds a graduate degree in Business from The Stern Business School at New York University. Tom's passion to help others has led him to working with those who are seeking a career change and reentering the workforce.   Having taken time off from his career, as a CEO, to raise his children full-time as a single parent during a divorce, Tom is experienced in relaunching a successful career.  Skilled in resume writing, interviewing and practice techniques he is able to coach you through the process from resume to salary negotiation and accepting your new position.