Frequently Asked Questions


We know you may have questions and our team would be happy to speak to you.  But first, take a look at these frequently asked questions below.  If we haven't answered your questions here, please reach out to us by clicking the Contact Us Button below.  

 01  How and where do we meet? 

All our sessions are virtual, ultimately we like to meet with you over SKYPE, FaceTime, or other video conferencing software that you have access to, we can also speak over the phone.  We are able to accommodate your schedule; you choose the time that works for you.  The right time for you could be early, before you start your day, after you put the kids to bed, your lunch hour or even sitting in the car waiting for soccer practice to end.  We make it easy for you to schedule the time into your day.      


 02  Can I choose my Certified Divorce Coach?

Absolutely, we want you to receive the most of each and every session. Our Certified Divorce Coaches Bios will provide you with some insight and areas of expertise.  After you read the Bios and you're still not sure, please contact us at or our contact page and we will help match you with the person that best meets your needs.  


 03  Are the Certified Divorce Coaches Attorneys?

No, we are not attorneys and although we do have experience with how some court systems operate, we do not have specific knowledge.  It's our recommendation that you are represented by an attorney.   A Divorce Coaches are trained professionals and many have been through divorce themselves.  Our primary goal is for you to be informed, organized and productive when working with legal counsel.  You know the old saying, "time is money", and with legal fees anywhere from $200 to $900+ an hour, preparation with a Certified Divorce Coach translates to "saving money"!  


 04  What is a Divorce Coach?

​A Certified Divorce Coach assists clients during all or throughout different stages of the divorce process.  Coaches and Clients work together to develop a plan and walk through the stages, aspects and specifics of a pending, current or past divorce.    Divorce Coaching can allow to be you to be more efficient and productive when working with your attorney/mediator and more positive and less emotional with their soon-to-be-Ex; in turn setting themselves up for a different, yet successful new life.      



 05  How Do we Meet?

Through the power of Technology Certified Coaches at Divorce Response Team are able to provide support to anyone, anywhere and at any time; providing the privacy and discretion that you may need. We know that time is valuable, and schedules are tight, Virtual Divorce Coaching allows you to pick the best time at the place that you choose; home, office or on the go. 

Virtual coaching is a great alternative to face-to-face coaching and removes the barriers of both time and place. Meeting over the computer(utilizing SKYPE/Facetime) or via phone allows you privacy, focus and a visual connection with the convenience of working with your coach at the time that works best for you. 

Divorce Response Team is on board to partner with you; we offer email and texting support with several of our coaching packages. Texting and email support enables you to reach out to your coach on any day and at any time, with no need to wait for your next scheduled appointment.