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An Actionable Plan for Life

For Separated and Divorced women of all ages, walks of life and circumstances who need a jump start.  It's an EXCLUSIVE GROUP limited to 20 participants providing one-on-one attention to all.  
Our 4-week Action Plan consists of focused lessons(both live and recorded), simple actionable steps, 6 Coaching Calls and daily one-on-one support to get you on your way to apply what you have learned.  All sessions are part of an accessible library to watch again if you wish.
Do not delay, begins Monday 2/17/20, CLICK HERE for additional Dates, Agenda and Registration 
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Welcome!  I am Kerry Porter, Founder of Divorce Response Team (DRT) and a Certified Divorce Support Specialist. 


At DRT we offer a team of Certified Divorce Support Professionals to assist you through the Divorce Process; 1:1 Coaching, Workshops and Resources to assist you in making sound realistic decisions. 


We support clients through all phases of divorce, before, during and after, including; co-parenting plans, guidance for blending families, and to support for step-families.


       Would you like more information?   Click Here to send me an email.

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What is a Certified Divorce Coach?

A Certified Divorce Coach assists clients during all or throughout different stages of the divorce process.  Coaches and Clients work together to develop a plan and walk through the stages, aspects and specifics of a pending, current or past divorce.    



The Power of a Virtual Divorce Coach

Virtual coaching is a great alternative to face-to-face coaching and removes the barriers of both time and place.   Meeting over the computer or via phone allows you privacy, focus and a visual connection with the convenience of working with your coach at the best time that works for you.

Do I Need a  Divorce Attorney?

Divorce Response Team does not offer legal advice and we do advocate for you to seek legal representation, an attorney will advise you on the legal requirements and processes for the state that you reside; it’s important for you to have this expertise.